Top 5 SEC Quarterback Units 2015 #1 – Texas A&M...

Pruitt Going for MORE SIZE Up Front in 2015? There is no doubt that the UGA defense made tremendous strides on defense between 2013 and 2014. The UGA pass defense improved tremendously as did the Dawgs ability to force turnovers and prevent big plays. However, the one clear weakness of this defense in 2014 was the ability to stop the power...

ImYourHuckleberry - In-Depth Scouting Report of Clemson DEFENSE Yesterday I went in-depth with the Clemson Offense so today it is time to go in depth with the Clemson defense.  Let's go!Personnel:While the Clemson offense is rebuilding this season the Clemson defense is reloading and already loaded group.  Quandon Christian,...

ImYourHuckleberry - 4 Goals for the DEFENSE This Spring! 4 Days Until Spring Practice!!#4 – Change the Mindset – This defense needs a complete mental overhaul from the last year of the Todd Grantham era.  It was a defense that was hesitant and afraid and in the SEC that is not going to work.  This spring it is key for them to develop...

The Weekend that Was in SEC Football Auburn 43 – Georgia 38In the best game of the weekend in the SEC and perhaps the country the Bulldogs and Tigers battled back and forth.  The Tigers had all of the momentum early in the game, partly assisted by the officials, but the Bulldogs came roaring back in the 4th...

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