Top 5 SEC Secondary Units 2015 #1 – LSU...

Top 5 Receiver/Tight End Units 2015 #1 – Texas A&M...

Winning...But at What Cost??? What has college athletics become?  There is very little purity left.  One thing has been a fact for the last 10-15 years, it is no longer amateur athletics.  There is so much money and power at stake that winning at all costs seems to be the mentality whether it be swimming, softball yet alone...

Top 14 Early Enrollee's to WATCH this Spring ALABAMA – Deionte Thompson – 6'2 181 – FSAs usual, Alabama has all of the tools to be a Championship team. What seems to have held them back the last couple years is secondary play....

ImYourHucklelberry - State of the UGA Football Program With Signing Day now behind us and the Class of 2015 complete it is officially the start of a new season.  Offseason workouts are well underway with Coach Hocke implementing a new way of training and preparing the minds and bodies of the team.  The offensive players are feverishly studying the...

#38 - Ryne Rankin - Review & Looking Forward In his sophomore season Ryne Rankin largely played a role on special teams.  Rankin was primarily used on the kickoff coverage team where he had some bright moments.  He is a guy with speed that plays with complete fearlessness and is never afraid to stick his nose in there.  On the ILB depth...

#22 – Brendan Douglas – Review & Looking Forward The 2014 season was an up and down ride for Douglas.  He had a bigger role than anyone could have predicted in 2013 with the injuries to Gurley and Marshall and then in 2014 his role was expected to be taken over by a pair of 5-Star Freshmen and a healthy Gurley and Marshall ahead of him....

ImYourHuckleberry – The Battle for a Prototypical Left Tackle In the Class of 2007 the Georgia Bulldogs signed a 6'5 280 4-Star offensive tackle from Anson, North Carolina named Trinton Sturdivant.  As a true freshmen, Sturdivant arrived on campus and to the surprise of many became a 1st Team Freshmen All-American.  Sturdivant protected Matthew Stafford's...

ImYourHuckleberry - In Depth Scouting Report of CLEMSON Offense Finally, game week is here!!  The time for making assumptions and predictions is almost over and it is time to finally see what the Dawgs have this year.  I know it's only Saturday but in my mind it is already gameweek so it is time to scout Clemson:Personnel:This...

Dismissal of Tray Matthews - HELP or HURT? Mark Richt's statement regarding Tray Matthews dismissal from the team says it all - This dismissal was "to make room for guys who want to do things right".  That is as close to a slam (or putdown) as you will ever get from Richt.  Frankly, I think that says it all.  Tray was immature and...

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