Alpha Dawg - Herschel Walker Position:  TailbackFrom:  Wrightsville, GAHigh School:  Johnson County HSCareer Highlights:994 Rush Attempts - #1 in SEC All-Time5259 Rushing Yards - #1 in...

Top 14 Early Enrollee's to WATCH this Spring ALABAMA – Deionte Thompson – 6'2 181 – FSAs usual, Alabama has all of the tools to be a Championship team. What seems to have held them back the last couple years is secondary play....

#27 Nick Chubb - Review & Looking Forward What can you say about Nick Chubb's true freshmen that hasn't already been said?  He was better than advertised.  Comparison's to Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson have been mentioned and while he may not have the sprinter speed those two had, physically he is a phenom.  Chiseled out of granite,...

The Blackout Debate, Should Gurley Start & the Coin Toss? Should Gurley Start?  YES!  This should not even be a question.  While some fans are complaining about Richt saying “No Chance” when referring to the chance of UGA wearing black jersey's the fans focus in this game should be on the return of Todd Gurley.  In my opinion, UGA does not need to...

Best SEC Tailback Duo Ever? There have been some great SEC tailback duo's in the SEC recently. When you go back over the last 10-15 years as the running back position has evolved from a one man show to more of a two man job there have been some unbelievable tailback duo's in the SEC. Just look at some of the best recent...

ImYourHuckleberry - Recruiting Update - Inside Linebacker #4 Position of Need - INSIDE LINEBACKERThe Dawgs will be losing their top two tacklers at the end of this season and two leaders on this defense in Amarlo Herrera and Ramik Wilson, the Dawgs two starting inside linebackers.  Behind Herrera and Smith the Dawgs depth chart...

ImYourHuckleberry – 5 Keys for Offense in Fall Camp #1 – The Blind Side - Coach Bobo and Coach Friend need to decide early in fall practice who is going to be protecting Hutson Mason's blind side.  Mason is a QB who is going to make his living from the pocket and while does have good pocket presence if the LT can't hold up Mason...

ImYourHuckleberry - Film Study - Chuma Edoga - 6'4 280 - OT Edoga is not your prototypical 6'6 310 pound "franchise" left tackle.  However, when you watch his film the first thing that jumps out at you is that he looks like an elite left tackle prospect.  While only 6'4 it has been reported that he has a 6'9 wingpan which is some serious arm length and...

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