Quick Thoughts Leading into Alabama Week #1 - Alabama will far and away be the best defense we have faced all season.  Their defensive line is incredibly strong and very stout against the run.  It truly will be strength on strength with our offensive line and tailbacks against their front seven.#2 - If Nick Chubb can run for 100...

ImYourHuckleberry - MONSTER Recruiting Update When you are an SEC Program and you do not have any home games for a six weekend period and you have a Top 10 conference rival coming into town it is bound to be a monster recruiting weekend.  That is the case for the Bulldogs this weekend as the Auburn Tigers come into town and the Bulldogs are...

The Blackout Debate, Should Gurley Start & the Coin Toss? Should Gurley Start?  YES!  This should not even be a question.  While some fans are complaining about Richt saying “No Chance” when referring to the chance of UGA wearing black jersey's the fans focus in this game should be on the return of Todd Gurley.  In my opinion, UGA does not need to...

ImYourHuckleberry - UGA Receivers MUST Get Healthy Just like any of you watching the game in Sanford Stadium or at home on TV I was blown away by the play of the running backs this weekend.  Gurley, Michel and Chubb all had impressive runs and you could tell that Marshall was healthy running down the field to cover kickoffs even though he didn't...

ImYourHucklebery - Arrest Means You are DONE! With the arrests of John Taylor, James DeLoach, Tray Matthews and Uriah Lemay for what allegedly appears to be check fraud if proved true all of these players have lost the privilege to wear the "G" in my mind.  If proved to be true stealing is stealing and fraud is even worse in my...

REBUILDING Georgia's Special Teams UGA's Special Teams were absolutely atrocious for the most part in 2013.  There were only two bright spots in my opinion and one of them we lost to graduation.  First and foremost, Marshall Morgan emerged as an excellent field goal kicker and he will be a great asset to bring back to Athens....

HUGE Opportunity for Hutson Mason It was painful to watch Aaron Murray having to be carried off the field at Sanford Stadium instead of walking off under his own power his team just having finished off a blowout victory in his final home game.  However, this is a game that should cememt Murray's legacy and make him one of the...

Dawgs PUMMEL Wildcats Saturday Night! This has been one of the most stressful seasons for UGA fans that I have ever seen.  The Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Florida and Auburn games were all nail biters until the very end.  Rarely this season has there been a game where UGA dominates from the opening snap for...

ImYourHuckleberry - 10 POSITIVES to Take from 2013 Season to Date #1 – The Bulldog Nation – The UGA fans have stepped up to the plate in a big way this season unlike I have ever seen.  Following a loss to Clemson the environment in Sanford Stadium against South Carolina was incredible.  Just when I thought it could not get any louder the...

Dawgs Make BIG MOVE with Raekwon McMillan In a great piece of reporting by the AJC and Michael Carvell he was able to get ahold of Raekwon McMillan after his visit to Athens for the LSU game and was able to get some very revealing quotes from McMillan.  Among some of the quotes from McMillan that were very positive in the article...

The GREATEST 25 Seconds EVER in Sanford Stadium! Like I have said several times already today, that was the loudest I have ever heard Sanford Stadium!  Just take a listen to this 25 second long video from 960 The Ref.  It will give you chills!!

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