The Forgotten Man for UGA Offense

ImYourHuckleberry - Larry Munson Would Have Loved Jeremy Pruitt Each and every day Jeremy Pruitt gives another reason for the Bulldog Nation to love him.  His first appearance in front of the media since early in the preseason came on Tuesday and Pruitt did not disappoint.  He had some great/very telling quotes:"We didn't have very many mental errors...

HUGE Opportunity for Hutson Mason It was painful to watch Aaron Murray having to be carried off the field at Sanford Stadium instead of walking off under his own power his team just having finished off a blowout victory in his final home game.  However, this is a game that should cememt Murray's legacy and make him one of the...

World’s Largest Coaching HOT SEAT Party We are no longer supposed to call this game “The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” but there are some out there starting to call it the coaching "hot seat” party.  Whether it is fair or not there is a lot of pressure on both of these coaches heading into this game.  With both teams 4-3,...

ImYourHuckleberry - UGA v. South Carolina PREDICTION This is cupcake week in the SEC this week with only two premiere games.  UGA v. South Carolina is certainly the marquee matchup of the week in the SEC but Miami v. Florida will also be a big battle.  In the end I expect the Gators defense to be too much for Miami's offense but it will be really...

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