Alpha Dawg - Herschel Walker Position:  TailbackFrom:  Wrightsville, GAHigh School:  Johnson County HSCareer Highlights:994 Rush Attempts - #1 in SEC All-Time5259 Rushing Yards - #1 in...

Predictions for the SEC in the NCAA Tournament Kentucky Wildcats - Kentucky is the best team in college basketball and will not be pushed by anyone in the Midwest Region.  However, they could face a test in the Final Four if North Carolina, Wisconsin or Arizona are able to make it to the Final Four from their side of the...

ImYourHuckleberry - Expectations for Dawgs Rising TOO FAST? The UGA hype train continued to pick up steam on Tuesday.  ESPN released their first Heisman Rankings and Todd Gurley was #1 on that list.  In the ESPN Power Rankings the Bulldogs jumped all the way to #2, only 2 points behind last season's national champions, the FSU Seminoles.  In the AP Poll...

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