Top 5 SEC Quarterback Units 2015 #1 – Texas A&M...

Reuben Foster NOT A DONE DEAL Yet I am sure many of you saw the interview that Radi Nabulsi did with Tray Matthews and Reuben Foster after the game this weekend.  It was a very good interview and Nabulsi asked the questions many Dawg fans have been wanting to know.  While it certainly sounded like Foster is certainly open to...

ImYourHuckleberry - HUGE Recruiting Update Part II The musical chairs of coaching has begun.  We have known for quite some time that Joker Phillips would not be returning at Kentucky and neither would John L. Smith at Arkansas.  However, another big shoe dropped yesterday with the announcement that Derek Dooley is out at Tennessee.  It is also...

Will Auburn KEEP Trooper Taylor? There are a lot of big questions still out there in the recruiting world.  There will most likely be 4 new coaches in the SEC, Chip Kelly from Oregon is rumored to be heading to the NFL, and Lane Kiffin might be on a bit of a hot seat at Southern Cal.  However, no...

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