Quick Thoughts Leading into Alabama Week #1 - Alabama will far and away be the best defense we have faced all season.  Their defensive line is incredibly strong and very stout against the run.  It truly will be strength on strength with our offensive line and tailbacks against their front seven.#2 - If Nick Chubb can run for 100...

Top 5 Receiver/Tight End Units 2015 #1 – Texas A&M...

ImYourHuckleberry - Ramsey's Ready

ImYourHucklelberry - State of the UGA Football Program With Signing Day now behind us and the Class of 2015 complete it is officially the start of a new season.  Offseason workouts are well underway with Coach Hocke implementing a new way of training and preparing the minds and bodies of the team.  The offensive players are feverishly studying the...

ImYourHuckleberry - HUGE Recruiting Update! After Dawg Night things are really beginning to take shape in the Class of 2015 and 2016 as well.  There have been more questions answered then questions raised this past week and things are beginning to shape up incredibly well for the Bulldogs so lets go to the update:QB...

ImYourHuckleberry - Dawg Day Recruiting Update As Mark Richt said it is no longer simply "Dawg Night" it is now "Dawg Day".  The amount of prospects who want to camp in Athens is so large that it simply does not make sense to only have the camp under the lights at Sanford Stadium.  That being said, with such a large amount of prospects coming...

ImYourHuckleberry - Recruiting Update The Opening begins to be televised today on ESPNU and as I had mentioned last week there are a lot of UGA commits and a lot of UGA targets present in Oregon.Commits:  TE - Jackson Harris, CB - Rico McGraw, WR - Terry Godwin, LB - Natrez Patrick, DE - Chauncey...

ImYourHuckleberry - Recruiting Update As I mentioned over the weekend we have not entered the recruiting "Dead Period".  While it is a dead period it is also time for one of the biggest events in all of recruiting - The Opening.  Some of the best talent in the country will be on display on ESPNU for you to see with your own eyes....

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