Alpha Dawg - Larry Munson We said Herschel Walker was Georgia Football - if anyone could be more synonymous with the Georgia Football it is Larry Munson.  Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Larry Munson followed a winding road from the...

Alpha Dawg - Herschel Walker Position:  TailbackFrom:  Wrightsville, GAHigh School:  Johnson County HSCareer Highlights:994 Rush Attempts - #1 in SEC All-Time5259 Rushing Yards - #1 in...

#27 Nick Chubb - Review & Looking Forward What can you say about Nick Chubb's true freshmen that hasn't already been said?  He was better than advertised.  Comparison's to Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson have been mentioned and while he may not have the sprinter speed those two had, physically he is a phenom.  Chiseled out of granite,...

The Blackout Debate, Should Gurley Start & the Coin Toss? Should Gurley Start?  YES!  This should not even be a question.  While some fans are complaining about Richt saying “No Chance” when referring to the chance of UGA wearing black jersey's the fans focus in this game should be on the return of Todd Gurley.  In my opinion, UGA does not need to...

Did Vince Dooley sell his football soul to the Devil to get Herschel Walker? Did the Devil come down to Georgia and offer Dooley a once in a lifetime running back in exchange for only one national championship? Has every year since been part of a curse on Georgia in that agreement?Or did Herschel break the deal with the Devil to get out of his senior year and the...

SEC Top 20 Impact Freshmen - #14 - Nick Chubb - RB - Georgia The legend of Nick Chubb is only growing larger and larger as his impending arrival in Athens, GA is growing closer and closer.  As Chubb continues to grind things out in the weight room he is also showing out for the Cedartown HS track team.  Over the weekend Chubb through the shotput 55 feet 8...

Georgia's NEXT Defensive Coordinator? Last night when I heard that Grantham was leaving UGA I figured that an NFL team had come in and offered him either a defensive coordinator position and/or a job as the position coach.  When I heard he was leaving for the defensive coordinator position at Louisville I honestly was shocked.  But...

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