ImYourHuckleberry - Bulldogs Who Could be DRAFTED in 2016 NFL Draft Leonard Floyd – 6'4 231Projected Round – 1st Round (Top 15)Projected 40 Time – 4.52Leonard Floyd is absolutely everything an NFL defense is looking for whether it runs the 3-4 or the 4-3.  The hyper-athletic Floyd has incredible fluidity and length that allows...

ImYourHuckleberry - Recap of Week 1 of Spring Practice Coach Shotty a Hit - In Brian Schottenheimer's 1st week on the practice field with the team it is clear that the players have taken to him.  When players have been allowed to speak publicly there is nothing but positives about Coach Shotty and it feels very similar to the feel...

#48 - Quayvon Hicks - Review & Looking Forward 2014 was a big time season for Quayvon even though it may not have shown in the statistics.  Quayvon added a great deal of versatility to his game with his ability to play TE or H-Back in addition to fullback.  He also became a much more consistent football player which was something that always...

#33 – Detric Bing-Dukes– Review & Looking Forward As was expected with two stalwart seniors returning at inside linebacker Bing-Dukes was redshirted.  He even got some looks at the fullback position with the injury of Merritt Hall but Bing-Dukes long term future is at inside linebacker.  He is downhill player with a very good initial burst and...

#22 – Brendan Douglas – Review & Looking Forward The 2014 season was an up and down ride for Douglas.  He had a bigger role than anyone could have predicted in 2013 with the injuries to Gurley and Marshall and then in 2014 his role was expected to be taken over by a pair of 5-Star Freshmen and a healthy Gurley and Marshall ahead of him....

Dawgs Offense Presents NEW Challenge for Gamecocks It is going to be very interesting to see how the Dawgs choose to attack the Gamecocks defense in Columbia on Saturday.  Thus far, the Gamecocks have faced uptempo spread teams in Texas A&M and East Carolina and have struggled mightily in both of those games.  The Gamecocks gave up 511 yards...

Position Change for Quayvon?? I have heard some behind the scenes talk that Quayvon Hicks may be switching positions next year.  I have heard rumors that he is at 6'2 270 pounds and the coaches are considering moving him to either defensive end or possibly to an H-Back/TE role.  I don't know how I feel about that.  When I...

ImYourHuckleberry - BIG CHANGES Ahead in 2014! It is a great time for this team to have an off week.  It is time for guys like Todd Gurley, Michael Bennett, Tray Matthews and hopefully Chris Conley and Josh Harvey-Clemons to get healthy.  It is also time for this team to get their minds right and gather themselves after all of their season...

LSU a BAD Matchup for Georgia Defense? I have watched enough LSU football over the last two days enough to make me more nervous than I was for the Clemson or South Carolina game.  When I watch them play I see an attitude, a swagger and extreme physicality.  Like Coach Richt has said, LSU's goal is to punish you and break your will...

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