Top 5 SEC Running Back Units 2015 #1 – Georgia...

REGRETS from Henry & Kamara? I am not one to live in the past but when I got an e-mail from a friend of mine that knows all of the ins-and-outs of the Alabama football program I thought this was something I would share with the Bulldog nation.  It is about Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Tyren Jones and their futures with...

Dawgs NOT DONE Recruiting Running Backs? In one of the more interesting developments over the weekend it appears that UGA is still recruiting two RB's very aggressively:  Bo Scarborough and Joe Mixon.  Scarborough and Mixon are two of the most highly sought after RB's in the country and despite the Dawgs having two of the Top 15 RB's in...

2014 Recruiting Starts NOW!! 2014 UGA Recruiting Prospects

ImYourHuckleberry - HUGE Recruiting Update Elisha Shaw - The Bulldogs have offered the monster defensive lineman from Tucker High School.  Elish Shaw is 6'5 295 pounds and is likely to be ranked as one of the top 10 defensive tackles in the nation in the class of 2014.  He has a great frame and the ability to play...

UGA 2013 Recruiting Class Still Has MISSING Pieces With the commitment of 6'2 280 pound to Vanderbilt today the UGA class remains at 26 players.  That is an incredible  accomplishment before the 2012season has even began.  Let's take a look at how the UGA class breaks down as of right now.

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