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I said 5 losses and people scoffed at that. We got a gift from Tennessee in the form of a fumble in their end zone for a touchdown or we would be going for our 5th loss in whatever sorry a$$ bowl game we go to. We probably will feel dissed when we draw someone like Minnesota and get manhandled anyway. But hey we have the 2nd ranked recruiting class!! Woo Woo. No quarterback next year and no big uglies to step in to block for Chubb and company but we have 15 defensive backs coming in...

Why can't I hate em? Or at least forget em?

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Well, we lost 3 games, not 4 or 5 like you thought. We are losing one lineman this year. We have a lot of returning defensive players (starters and depth) and getting stronger at the one spot we are weak at (defensive back). Overall, our defense has improved in just one year. As for QB, I don't know what we have, but I think it might be an upgrade to Hutson. We're all hurting....but I think our future is brighter than what you are thinking.
What I meant is we have lost 3 and I am saying we will play someone we do not respect just like Nebraska or Duke or whoever and get beat more than likely. That makes 4 losses if that happens. The only way we do not lose to Tennessee is they just gave it to us for free. We lose Andrews. Beard. Dantzler. Houston unless the NCAA has mercy on him. Our only two good linebackers are seniors. If Jenkins and Floyd both go then Carter needs someone to appear out of nowhere to man the other 3 spots.
Understood on the bowl game, and agree.....I think Dantzler and Beard are second string. As for Houston, anything can happen. Floyd is only a sophomore, but we have pretty good depth at linebacker. Regardless, I think the defense should be better with a built up secondary and a full year under Pruitt.
Floyd spent one year at prep school so he has been out of high school for the required 3 years and could file to go out early. Hopefully he won't.
Also, Minnesota isn't that bad. Maybe we should stop taking teams likely.....as what we did with UF and GT.
Wouldn't that be nice! lol. How do you think Tech felt all week with everyone telling them they did not have a chance in hell of winning. I also loved how the Dawgs blocked that extra point in overtime. Made it even more dramatic with the interception.
Lol....I agree with you 110%. I've been saying that all night. I gave up on the team at least 5 times in the 4th quarter....and then we took the lead with :18 left. What could go wrong?................ugh.
Plus we were 13 point favorites....GT has destroyed who ever they played the last 5 games. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but full expected to win...maybe by 10. Once we fumbled twice on the 1, I knew it was going to be one of those games. It all too familiar to me now.

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