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russell4u2: It would be nice to see them hit rocky bottom. So glad football is back!

ImYourHuckleberry: Today when UGA released preseason Depth Chart it is Brice Ramsey listed at #1. Interesting to note that he was not listed as a co-starter with Bauta....

georgiajeepn: Down goes Frazier! I mean down goes Michel. No wait I mean down goes Marshall. All of a sudden Sony is gone for spring with the same shoulder problem...

DawgByte: I agree with your assessments with the exception of one. I'd give the edge to Stafford. Right now Eason has a way to go before his body catches up to...

Thomas Brown UGA: I hope we do not continue this unacceptable more than 4 games lost a season average for the last 7 years.

DawgByte: You're very enthusiastic. You might want to temper your enthusiasm regarding Keith Marshall. I hope I'm wrong, because he's a good kid and deserves an...

DawgByte: Don't forget Jake Ganus, the transfer from UAB. He's got a nose for the ball, very good closing speed and can provide emotional stability on that...

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