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The Bulldogs potentially have a very interesting depth chart at the QB position next season.  Aaron Murray (Sr.), Hutson Mason (RJr.), Christian Lemay (RSo.), and Brice Ramsey (Fr.) figure to be Top 4 on the Depth Chart next season.  However, there is a lot that can happen before then.
First, Aaron Murray could declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft.  This season Aaron Murray was the No. 2 in the Nation in Passing Efficiency, raised his completion percentage to 65%, and cut down his interception total to 8.  It was a very impressive season.  Also, Tony Dungy spoke very highly of Aaron Murray saying that he would take Murray before any other quarterback in this years draft, even at No. 1 Overall.  The question is how do NFL GM's and scouts feel about Murray.  At 6'0 tall he is far from the prototypical NFL QB but so are guys like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.  It will be a big choice for Aaron and could potentially have a major effect on the rest of the Dawgs QB depth chart.
Second, Hutson Mason took a redshirt season this year in order to create a year of seperation between himself and Aaron Murray.  However, if Murray decides to come back to Athens for his senior season is Mason willing to stick around or will he transfer to a smaller school where he can play immediately?  It would not shock me since Mason has repeatedly talked about having to do what is best for himself and I don't blame him.  Whether he stays or transfers could have an impact on Christian Lemay.
Christian Lemay is currently involved in a battle for 3rd on the Depth Chart with Parker Welch, however I believe that he is more talented than Welch and will earn a spot ahead of him.  However, if Murray decides to return for his senior season and Mason choose to wait 1 more season behind Murray then Lemay may decide he should transfer.  There have been grumblings of that happening since Welch passed Lemay on the depth chart.
Also, you have Brice Ramsey arriving on campus in January who will be able to participate in offseason workouts and Spring Practice. At 6'3 205 pounds, with a rocket arm, and underrated athleticism he is the prototypical SEC Quarterback.  His fundamentals are well beyond his age and he could prove to Lemay and Mason that he is the heir apparent to Murray during the spring causing one of them to transfer before the fall.
Finally, you can't forget Faton Bauta who is 6'3 225 pounds and has a lot of natural talent and is a big physical runner.  UGA is not going to suddenly transform into a spread option team however he could give the Dawgs a different dynamic with the ability to run the Wildcat.  It will be interesting to see if they use him for that in short yardage and near the goalline.
As you can tell there is a lot that could happen with the QB roster for the Dawgs in the offseason.  It will be one of the most interesting things to watch during bowl practice and throughout the offseason.  What do you think will happen?

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Aaron Murray comes back. Hutson Mason has his back-up year, and the treatment of the walk-on ahead of a guy and his brother we really want both of, might affect 2 players. We could have made Christian LeMay look better by having him run on passing downs and pass on running downs. We did the exact opposite despite the fact that he was brought in only in mop-up. It was poor. So, too, it was poor how we never got Keith Marshall out in space. We have a simpleton mindset on offense where we play a guy and well, never consider the others. Jay Rome could've played more vs Alabama, too. Uriah LeMay is a big target for us for 2013, with our wide receiver situation. We have too damn many scholarships tied up at QB with only 54 scholarship players plus a transfer-in available to play Nebraska, a team we've lost to in 1969 and not beat. It's a little disappointing to talk about this all again. We've beat Florida 2012, 2011, 2010 and the only win 2009 was an over-rated Georgia Tech who made # 13 in the AP Poll that season. Somehow I get the impression despite me pointing out pre-game that Alabama would run the football 60 times on us, that the simplest analysis is just over our heads, sometimes. I did see us play more starters on special teams. That and we did beat Florida, which otherwise back to only the Georgia Tech win in 2009 and no win in 2008 over anyone good, we haven't done much - have we really ? We talk about it. They then tell us a different viewpoint from that which is obvious.
And also, Lemay will never see the field as a starting qb at uga.. Would not be surprised to see him transfer in the near future
I know...if he isn't #2 now, then I don't see him beating Hutson Mason out. It kinda sucks because we heard so much about he's a Charlotte guy, where I live. Oh well, hope something works out for him if it's not at UGA....maybe he'll go to the ACC and have success.
I'm really interested in knowing more about how/when we plan on using Faton Bauta. The guy is a stud and real smart. I know he could be used in the short yardage situations but we also got Gurley for those situations. And I'm very excited to see Brice Ramsey play when his time comes.. Like you said he has the size, athleticism, arm strength and brains to be a Georgia great. The future of UGA football is bright.
Dawgfan forever
Dawgfan forever
I think Aaron Murry could go either way. He has most of the offense coming back with 2 star running backs. And who would have thought this offensive line would have progressed this well. He may see this as the perfect opportunity to break some more school records and prove all his critics wrong.
I think if Murray finds out from draft officials that he is projected in the first round, he is gone. That cheap shot from Dial (or "perfectly legal hit" hit if you ask Nick Fairley and some Bama fans) may have helped him make his decision.
I'm not high on LeMay at all. He looks like a deer in headlights out there. Now, to be fair, his only time in games has been with the 2nd and 3rd teamers. I'll hold final judgement on him when I see him with 1st teamers.
Cousin Eddie
What worries me about LeMay is his knowledge of the play book. It looked like to me he went to the sidelines after each play to get the next play before sprinting to the huddle. Is it that he doesn't know the signals, the plays or that the plays theya re running that late in the game don't have signals? If his brother signs with UGA then he will stay atleast another year.
Lemay was a calm cool customer in HS but I think it really hurt him that he did not play his senior season and has now barely played in live action in 3 years. Honestly, I am surprised the coaches didn't simply play him above Welch and get him more snaps late in the season just to get a better feel of what he had.
Cousin Eddie
I feel that he has the talent just don't understand being in the program 2 1/2 yrs (I believe he was an early enrollee) he doesn't know the signals. Richt and Bobo don't really miss on QB talent so I am sure he is "more than qualified"
Only because of the scary September that is about to happen....Murray may be the only answer. If we were playing this years schedule it would have been perfect to break in a new QB. Hutson Mason's 3 out of 4 games could be against top 10 can he get a grip on that mentally?

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