Top 5 SEC Quarterback Units 2015

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#1 – Texas A&M Aggies

Sophomore Kyle Allen returns to A&M with five starts under his belt and showed great potential.  He has all of the tools you want in terms of a passer with his arm strength, accuracy and pocket presence.  However, he may have to look over his shoulder with Kyler Murray's arrival in A&M.  Murray is an otherworldly talent and has a Manziel like charisma with more maturity and leadership skills.  While Allen will likely start, Murray could be the one to lead A&M to the promise land.

#2 – Mississippi State

In Mississippi State's offense Dak Prescott is the perfect fit.  He is an uber-talented runner that can get the tough yardage between the tackles and also improved as a passer.  His 3,499 passing yards last season where a career best.  Also, he was responsible for an incredibly impressive 41 TD's last season and should account for just as many in 2015.

#3 – Tennessee Volunteers

Finding Josh Dobb's was a revelation for the Vols after he spent the first seven games of the season on the bench.  Dobbs putt up impressive numbers and was a catalyst for the Vol offense needed in 2015.  With six games of starting experience under the belt big expectations await Dobbs.  If he can have more games like he did against South Carolina and Kentucky last season the Vols could rise quickly back to the top of the SEC East.

#4 – Kentucky Wildcats

There is more optimism around the Kentucky program this year since the days of Randall Cobb or maybe even since the days of Tim Couch and Craig Yeast.  Patrick Towles is a big reason why.  The 6'5 240 pounder has a strong arm and awesome mobility for a man of his stature.  Now he just needs to reduce his sacks and turnovers which will give him a chance to be one of the best in the SEC.

#5 – Auburn Tigers

The long awaited reign of Jeremy Johnson is here.  The 6'5 240 pounder will take the reigns at the QB position after Nick Marshall's departure and will bring a whole new dimension to the Auburn offense.  Johnson has the talent to be a proficient passer and can sit in the pocket and pick a defense apart.  He is also a capable runner albeit not a very willing one.  Johnson will bring a pass first mentality to the QB position rather than a scrambler looking to make plays.  

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