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Hello all you Lady Dawgs out there! The 2013 Football season is here… with only a couple more weeks till the Big Day,  there is no time like the present to begin prepping your outfits for GAME DAY!

I will be the first one to admit that I love to look cute and fashionable on Game Day. Gone are the day where we have to wear Jersey T-shirts and baseball caps just to sport our Bulldog Pride. Don't get me wrong… T-Shirts, jeans and baseball caps are an essential part of every girls game day apparel!

However, you can still look cute and fashionable in the latest trends while maintaining comfort… and we all know it's very important to be comfortable while standing for hours in Sanford Stadium cheering on the Dawgs!

This is why I have introduced the new Lady Dawg Fashion Blog… Each week I will bring you new looks that are fashionable, comfortable, and easy on your wallet. These looks will serve as a spring board to inspire your own unique fashion sense.

Week 1: Georgia v. Clemson 8:00 pm at Clemson

This is an away game so we definitely want to sport our Georgia pride and be ALIVE with team spirit as we walk into Death Valley.

This red and flirtatious BB Dakota Lewiston dress from is the perfect way to start the season. At only $29.99 and FREE Shipping this price can't be beat. This dress is also sold on for $57.00 + shipping. So your best bet would be 6PM… and they are selling out fast!

I would pair this dress with a pair of flirty wedge sandals such as these Carlos Santana Black cutout Leather wedges from $34.65 These white ankle strap wedges from Charlotte Russe would also be a great addition

Jewelry: I would not wear any big statement necklaces with this dress since the neckline is a statement in itself. I would pair this dress with a pretty pair of pearl earrings or a cute fashionable pair such as these: Add a bracelet and handbag and you are on your way.

This look can be achieved in under $100.00 – but remember many of these items such as the sandals will last you throughout the entire football season. Our goal is to look as cute as possible without damaging our bank accounts.

Also, remember that when it comes to Game Day, fashion should never impair our comfort. We want to be able to enjoy the game just as much as the guys! Keep your hemlines at a classy length and your shoes at a walkable height.

I hope this look has provided you with some inspiration to look your best on GAME DAY! Who knows, maybe I will spot some of you wearing these cute fashion finds.

Keep it Classy Lady Dawgs!

I used to not like the South, but Georgia girls can change a man's mind

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Love it!! Finally something for us ladies! Absolutely love the dress!! Might have to get that for South Carolina :-)
It's about time right?? I'm glad you like the dress, more cute looks to come!!!
You are right that dress is great!! You get it in red for South Carolina and I get it in black!! Twins :-) :-)
I might need your help around Christmas wife never likes her gifts!!! I hope she doesn't read this or else I'll be on the couch again.
I'll definitely post a blog around Christmas trying to keep all you guys out of the dawghouse and off the couch at night!! haha
I like your style :-) Very similar to mine so I enjoy your suggestions. I already ordered the wedges from Charlotte Russe...maybe you should get a commission!
Thank you!!! Those wedges are actually pretty comfortable. I have been wearing those all summer!
This is one of the reasons the Gameday experience in Athens is fantastic. Our Lady Dawg fans always dress bathing suits, tube tops, or other assorted redneck attire that you see at...ahem, other schools. This post and picture captures the essence of why Georgia and Ole Miss consistently are known for the classiest women. Great job!
I completely agree with you! I have never seen a more classy group of women!
I'm going to have to show this to my wife who always complains about having nothing to wear to the game! LOL
My husband says the same thing. No matter how many clothes a woman has in her closet she will always say that she has nothing to wear LOL! And a LadyDawg can never have too much red and black in her closet!
Thanks for contributing! Definitely different than our normal content but I believe the ladies that visit our site will enjoy!
You are very welcome!! I have been an avid follower of this site for a while now and believe that this is the best way I can contribute! GO DAWGS!

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