The Forgotten Man for UGA Offense

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Every preseason publication in the country ranks the UGA running back corps amongst the Top 3 in the nation.  First mentioned in those publications is freshmen superstar Nick Chubb who ran for 1547 yards and 14 TD's.  Second they add in a healthy Sony Michel who ran for 410 yards and 5 TD's last year as the other piece to the puzzle in the backfield.  Then what seems to be mentioned only in fine print is the depth provided by Keith Marshall.  

Keith Marshall is more than just "depth".  This offseason we have heard from Nick Chubb that Keith Marshall is "back".  At SEC Media Days, Coach Richt said that Keith is back to his freshmen weight and has regained his burst, agility and balance.  Yet there Marshall sits towards the back of the depth chart and the back of publications expected to maybe get five or six touches per game.  That couldn't be more wrong.

A healthy Keith Marshall has an immeasurable impact on the UGA offense.  Nick Chubb will get his 20 carries per game and impose his will physically on opposing defenses wearing them down.  Sony Michel will bring his incredible agility and balance running in circles around a defense.  Keith Marshall will bring the instant home run.  

When Chubb is in the game teams will key on him as the man to stop.  However, it is only natural when Chubb leaves the field for a defense to maybe take a bit of a breather and/or lose a little bit of concentration and take a bad angle on a tackle.  The moment you do that against Keith Marshall not only is he running by you - he is running away from you.  

No, Keith Marshall is not going to get 15-20 touches a game if Nick Chubb and Sony Michell stay healthy.  But 8-10 touches and several game breaking plays will be the norm, not the exception.  He will demoralize a defense popping off big run after big run.

How quickly it seems to be forgotten, Keith Marshall with the windmill right arm flying down the field for yet another 70+ yard touchdown.

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