Should UGA Offer David Kamara??

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Many of you have probably heard the name David Kamara recently.  No, David is not related to Alvin Kamara the stud running back out of Norcross, GA.  David is a teammate and best friend of Robert Nkiemdiche.  Ole Miss was the first to offer Kamara on Wednesday and now UGA is presented with the question of should they be the next to offer Kamara?

Right now I would say that UGA has a 1 in 5 chance of signing Nkiemdiche.  I believe that Alabama is the definite favorite and Ole Miss is the wildcard.  His HS coach at Grayson recently said that UGA was in the #2 position.  As we saw with Jordan Jenkins last season it seems that as defensive players spend more time with Todd Grantham he really grows on them.  When he sits down and watches film with a player and shows them how he wants to use them his energy and love for the game seems to make players want to come to UGA.  However, at the end of the day I don't think that will enough for UGA. 

There are two wildcards that could attract Nkiemdiche to UGA.  First, if UGA has an excellent season and wins the SEC Championship against Alabama and goes to the BCS Title game that could convince him to come.  UGA is his home state school and if they prove they are a championship caliber team it would be hard for him to turn down.  Second, if UGA keeps up the recruiting momentum and Montravius Adams, Reuben Foster, and Vonn Bell decide to join Tray Matthews and Shaq Wiggins it will be hard for Nkiemdiche not to come to Athens. 

While both of those situations are not out of the question I don't think it would hurt UGA to go ahead and extend offer to David Kamara.  I believe he will only go to UGA if Robert decides to go to UGA.  UGA also probably has an advantage to offering David over Alabama because if UGA offers him there is no doubt that he will remain on scholarship in Athens for all four years.  I would not put it past Saban to offer David and pull his scholarship a year later for a mysterious “medical condition” or “student coach” position. 

So, Coach Richt please offer David Kamara ASAP!  It can only improve your chances of signing perhaps the best player in the country.  It CANNOT hurt!

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