Quick Thoughts Leading into Alabama Week

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#1 - Alabama will far and away be the best defense we have faced all season.  Their defensive line is incredibly strong and very stout against the run.  It truly will be strength on strength with our offensive line and tailbacks against their front seven.

#2 - If Nick Chubb can run for 100 yards against the Alabama defense he can run for 100 yards against absolutely anyone.  It will be a lot of running and grinding for Nick Chubb but I think this game is built for Sony Michel.  Alabama is big and strong but they still look a little weak in space.  Need to get Sony matched up in the open field against their linebackers.

#3 - The TE matchup will be huge for the Dawgs in this game.  Jeb Blazevich, Jackson Harris and Jay Rome are all tough matchups for Reggie Ragland and Reuben Foster who prefer to play downhill against the run.

#4 - Sterling Bailey, Chris Mayes, John Atkins, James DeLoach and Trent Thompson are the #1 key for the Bulldog defense in this game.  They can't get pushed back off the ball and let the Crimson Tide re-establish the line of scrimmage 3+ yards downfield.

#5 - Bellamy, Jenkins, Carter, etc. absolutely have to set th edge.  You don't want to let guys like Kenyan Drake and/or Derrick Henry get outside with a head of steam. 

#6 - Secondary has to be opportunistic.  No matter who the starting QB is for Alabama there is going to be a couple missed throws that the defense will have an opportunity to pick off a pass and make a game changing play and they must take advantage.

#7 - The fans need to bring their A+ game and make Sanford Stadium the loudest its ever been.  The fans can rattle the Alabama offense.

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