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 I think our control of the line of scrimmage was the key to our victory on the defensive and offensive side. But the blow out was partially due to luck. Don't get me wrong because I think we out played Missouri but things could have been much more challenging if we hadn't recovered both of our fumbles. I really hope they drive that home at next week at practice. Anytime you fumble you are rolling the dice and fortunately for us we came out on top. What if Mason dropped the ball just one yard earlier when he ran into the end zone? I also think the Missouri quarterback got more of the blame than he should have. He defiantly made mistakes but most of the interceptions were caused by the receivers practically handing us the ball. Our secondary has done a much better job of closing the gap with the receivers which definitely helped.  Mason had one of his best games. I know everyone is saying that he needs to throw the deep ball but I disagree. Let him play to his strengths which is the short to intermediate passes. It may not create the big plays Murray did but it keeps the chains moving. A great game but I hope we don't let it go to our head because Arkansas is hungry for and SEC victory and they gave Alabama fits in their game.

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DB's observations of the Mizzou game for anyone who's interested.I agree with you that we were on the receiving end of some luck on the fumbles. However, I have a slightly different take regarding our OL. I will be eager to watch a replay tonight of the game, because my initial impression of the OL was that they got consistently beat by Mizzou's front 7 - particularly in the first half. I saw a ton of missed assignments that allowed deep penetration from their interior line and linebackers. It is stunning Chubb ran for 143 yards, because he had few gapping holes. That Sprint Draw takes too long to develop against a stout front 7. Additionally, with a Sprint Draw you really need a light scat back type runner who's got a lightning quick first couple of steps. Chubb is not that type of runner. Yesterday, our OL couldn't sustain blocks for long and allowed Mizzou to consistently sniff out the Sprint Draw and 9 times out of 10 tackled our backs for a loss. It's safe to say I'm not a fan of the Sprint Draw. On the flip side of the luck coin is Mizzou. They're lucky we didn't put the game away after the third takeaway. Our offense did a poor job of scoring after turnovers. Again vanilla and predictable play calling prevented us from really taking advantage of the opportunities. When Bobo has us lined up in the I with one or two receiver sets, Mason might as well get a blow horn and tell the Defense that he's going to hand the ball off to a running back, because it couldn't be more OBVIOUS! Given the 34-0 outcome any critique could be construed as Nit Picking, but as a fan it's very frustrating to watch as we makes things more difficult on ourselves offensively than need be. On the opposite side of the ball Pruitt deserves a gold star for trying the 6 different DB combination of the season. I think we can stick with this unit as they played extremely well. It was great to see Brandon Langley get the start and play so well. He was a highly ranked player out of HS and is a super athlete, who deserves a new shot.

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