Mike Leach says our little fat girlfriends lost that game for us.

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What happens every time we all get our hopes up and get cocky especially about South Carolina or Florida? We are all hungover till the next season when we all get right back hopeful again. If you think this years defense is bad wait till next year. 5 senior starters and if Jenkins and Floyd both come out early then 7 will be gone along with any hope we had of ever being good on defense. How is that 30 pounds less on the defensive line working out for us now?

Until Georgia decides to spend like Alabama and Auburn and LSU on football we are doomed to be average at best. We are looking 5 losses dead in the face now.

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No I am not convinced they both go I bet Floyd does. We have two losses. If we lose to Kentucky, Auburn or even Tech which if we play like we did Saturday it is a no brainer then there are 5 of them. And with the way the NCAA treats us we will probably play Nebraska for the 3rd year in a row!We need to get off that high horse of we are superior to other programs because we are tougher with suspensions and get to playing down and dirty football like the rest of the good SEC programs
I think 5 losses is a little bit doom and gloom. But yes, we do need to spend more money in recruiting but I think you are underestimating some of the young players we have. Also, I am not 100% that Floyd goes and I think Jordan Jenkins more than likely stays...

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warner robins, georgia

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