Is SEC dominance over?

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I say no.  The best players still come from the South.  If Auburn loses Monday night, you know the rest of the country is going to say the SEC dominance is over.

 Or is Alabama's dominance over? I can tell you they have found their "new Eddie Lacy" but with speed!  His name is Derrick Henry. He is a beast no question.  To all the Bama running backs and running back recruits, you might want to consider a different school because Mr. Henry will be getting 20-30 carries the next two years.

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In regards to Alabama it will be interesting. It all depends on the next quarterback. Is he ready to handle the expectations and pressure. If he is Alabama will stay at the top. With regards to Derrick Henry, that kid is going to be an animal. The SEC West linebackers better get ready for that train.
I don't believe it is over either. I think it was a down year though for the most part. UGA could not recover from losing 7 starters on defense drafted into the NFL. Also LSU, Alabama, Florida and A&M were not the same teams that they were last year. But you are right, the best players in the country are in the South. We will be competing for championships every year as a conference.

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