ImYourHuckleberry - Recap of Week 1 of Spring Practice

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Coach Shotty a Hit - In Brian Schottenheimer's 1st week on the practice field with the team it is clear that the players have taken to him.  When players have been allowed to speak publicly there is nothing but positives about Coach Shotty and it feels very similar to the feel when the Bulldogs added Coach Pruitt for the defense last year.

Coach Sale a Recruiting Upgrade - Will Friend was a solid recruiter but he consistently struggled to land the big fish.  Early on in the process Coach Sale seems to have the Bulldogs very high on the list for some of the Nations elite offensive lineman after those lineman had visited spring practice.  It will be worth watching the next several months to see if UGA can reel in a couple more big fish to join Ben Cleveland.

Bringing the Passion - The role that new Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mark Hocke, is playing this spring is great.  He is the energy guy in warmups.  Always bouncing around, yelling and generally hyped up he makes sure the team is ready to go for practice.  Pair that with the always energetic Coach Ekeler and you have something fun to watch.

The Quarterbacks - Brice Ramsey has looked very solid and very comfortable with what Coach Shotty is asking of him.  Now entering his 3rd year on campus the light bulb should be about ready to turn all the way on.  Jacob Park appears to be the main candidate to push Ramsey and the competition will still be open heading into the fall but the staff should be able to get to a 1A, 1B and 3 depth chart.

#4 is Healthy - When the coaches and teammates talk about how good Keith Marshall looks believe them.  The explosion is back with Keith and he brings an entirely different gear to the UGA backfield.  The hype is all around Chubb and Michel but Marshall is going to get a lot more work than many think.

Mitchell & Scott-Wesley - Outside of QB play the Bulldogs need their veteran receivers to step up and take over the role played by Chris Conley and Michael Bennett.  Mitchell and Scott-Wesley appear poised to take on a leadership role and lead an extremely talented group of true freshmen receivers coming in to Athens.

Two-Tight End Set - Recently in the NFL the fullback position is becoming a dying breed.  Coach Shotty still uses the fullback but much less than UGA did under Coach Bobo.  Instead the Bulldogs will much more often line up in a 2 TE set because of the versatility in provides in both the running game and passing game.  With UGA's bevy of talented TE's this formation appears very promising.

Ledbetter Not Just Fitting In - The coaches aren't saying much publicly but I hear that they are very pleasantly surprised by how ready Ledbetter is.  He still needs to do a lot of studying but all of the physical tools are there to make an impact even though he is just 17.

Competition at MLB - Reggie Carter and Tim Kimbrough return and both have looked solid in spring practice.  However, transfers Jake Ganus and Chuks Amaechi are going to push all spring and through summer workouts.  Both are physically ready for the SEC and have a limited time to try to get the field.  It will be great competition that will only get more intense once Roquan Smith arrives. 

Dominick Sanders Ready to Elevate his Game - Sanders was outstanding as a true freshmen but most of what he was doing was purely on instinct.  Now with complete command of the playbook, Sanders has been taking on a leadership role in the secondary and playing incredibly fast.  Expectations are high for Sanders to be a ball hawk in 2015.

Keith Marshall photo KeithMarshall_zpse4abc78f.jpg

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Down goes Frazier! I mean down goes Michel. No wait I mean down goes Marshall. All of a sudden Sony is gone for spring with the same shoulder problem that kept him out of 5 games last year. Keith Marshall has a hamstring problem after doing something to it and having to leave practice and coming back with an ice bag on his leg. So here we are down to Chubb and two backups players. Sound familiar?

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