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The #1 concern surrounding the UGA program as fall practice rapidly approaches is who is going to start at quarterback and can he make enough plays in the passing game. There has been a great deal of optimism, speculation and doubt. Today, it is time to put the questions and concerns to rest. Brice Ramsey WILL be the starting QB when UGA opens against Louisiana Monroe at noon on September 5. Brice Ramsey WILL still be the starting QB when UGA closes the regular season on December 5 in the Georgia Dome. Why so confident?

#1 – Strong Offensive Line – The offensive line for the Bulldogs is the best in the SEC and will give Ramsey time and large windows. When you combine the strong offensive line and Ramsey's 6'3 height he should have no problem seeing the field and making good decisions.

#2 – Play Action Passing – The UGA running game will be amongst the best in the nation. In order to prevent the Bulldogs from running for 300+ yards and dominating time of possession defenses will drop safeties in the box. With Ramsey's biggest weakness being his tendency to overthrow the ball there should be less bodies cluttering the middle of the field.

#3 – Massive Targets at TE – Schottenheimer loves to use the TE and the Bulldogs have huge targets that are excellent pass catchers. Jay Rome, Jeb Blazevich and Jackson Harris are all big bodies capable of creating separation from linebackers and shielding smaller safeties and cornerbacks. They are the perfect weapon for a QB like Ramsey.

#4 – Offense Plays to His Strengths – UGA is going to live and die on offense running the football. Ramsey will likely be asked to throw the ball between 20-25 times per game and may hit 30 once or twice this season. He will be asked to throw an accurate deep ball, hit back shoulder throws on the sidelines and execute the screen game. When throwing across the middle it will often be to the big target TE's.

The situation is tailor made for Brice Ramsey. In the spring game is stat line was 5-9 for 174 yards. During the season look for a stat lines in the range of 15-23 for 315 yards. He can do exactly white Hutson Mason couldn't do – push the ball downfield. UGA's offense was handicapped last season, this year it won't be.

It will all come down to whether or not he can protect the football. If Ramsey finishes the season with fewer than 10 INT's the Bulldogs could be in for an 11+ win season. 10+ interceptions and the Dawgs look more like a 9 win team.

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Today when UGA released preseason Depth Chart it is Brice Ramsey listed at #1. Interesting to note that he was not listed as a co-starter with Bauta. Will be fun to watch how the reps are divided when practice starts in a couple weeks.

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