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There is a great deal of talk regarding Everett Golson and his plans after his decision to leave Notre Dame.  The two names most commonly being thrown around are South Carolina and UGA and both make a lot of sense.  The Gamecocks lost senior starter Dylan Thompson and Everett Golson would bring in a proven playmaker.  There are some in know in Columbia who believe Connor Mitch is capable because of his big arm and ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball downfield.  However, Golson's experience and natural playmaking ability also reminds those same people in Columbia of Connor Shaw and everyone knows how successful Spurriers offense was with Shaw. 

In Athens the Bulldogs are looking to replace senior starter Hutson Mason.  Ramsey, Bauta and Park all have potential but none of them have any big game experience.  There are concerns for all of them about decision making and accuracy and nobody was able to separate themselves in the spring.  Golson would instantly bring a QB to Athens with big game experience and would also give UGA a very mobile QB capable of making plays with his legs.

The question for Golson comes down to - (1) Does he want to be a guaranteed starter?  (2) Does he want a chance to win a Championship.  By no means am I saying South Carolina is going to be a bad football team, but a 10 win season would be quite possible with Golson running the offense.  In the meantime, UGA's loaded on the offensive line, at running back and on defense.  If the Bulldogs had a proven QB returning many would look at the Dawgs as a Top 5 team.

Could Golson be the missing piece for a title run in Athens?  Maybe.  Could Golson be the missing piece for the Gamecocks to return to the top of the SEC East?  Maybe.  One thing is for certain, Golson's decision, if he does indeed come to an SEC East school could have a major impact on the direction of the conference in 2015.

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