ImYourHuckleberry - Bulldogs Who Could be DRAFTED in 2016 NFL Draft

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Leonard Floyd – 6'4 231

Projected Round – 1st Round (Top 15)
Projected 40 Time – 4.52

Leonard Floyd is absolutely everything an NFL defense is looking for whether it runs the 3-4 or the 4-3.  The hyper-athletic Floyd has incredible fluidity and length that allows him to be dominant in the open field and the quickness/bend to blow by any offensive tackle.  If he returns 100% this season from shoulder surgery he will go in the top half of the 1st Round.

Jordan Jenkins – 6'3 253

Projected Round – Late 1st – Early 2nd
Projected 40 Time – 4.68

Jordan is an incredibly well rounded 3-4 outside linebacker that gets after the QB and also hold up in the run game.  His frame is exactly what NFL teams crave with his incredibly long arms that allow him to keep offensive lineman from getting inside his frame.  Also, Jenkins is a high character guy physically ready to play immediately in the NFL.

John Theus – 6'6 310

Projected Round – 2nd or 3rd Round

Theus was a highly touted recruit coming out of HS that hasn't been a superstar but has been a very solid, reliable offensive tackle.  He has the versatility to play either tackle position and can also slide inside at left guard.  His durability, reliability and versatility will be very attractive to an NFL team and a solid 2015 season could move him into the 2nd Round.

Greg Pyke – 6'6 325

Projected Round – 2nd or 3rd Round

Pyke may be the most gifted offensive lineman on the UGA roster.  He is big, strong and has incredible feet for his size.  It is not often you see a guard leave when they still have eligibility left but Pyke is the rare talent that has the opportunity.  If his progression as a football player continues in his 4th year in Athens the NFL very well may come calling

Keith Marshall – 5'11 208

Projected Round – 4th Round
Projected 40 Time – 4.32

Marshall returns to 100% health this season and is in a very interesting position with Michel and Chubb ahead of him on the depth chart.  However, if Marshall is indeed 100% he is going to get his carries and show off his special asset – speed.  Marshall is reportedly back down to his freshmen weight and would likely light up the combine with his 40-time which gets NFL teams very excited.

Malcolm Mitchell – 6'1 195

Projected Round – 5th Round or Undrafted
Projected 40 Time – 4.36

Georgia fans all know how talented Mitchell is but we also know his knee issues as well.  It is a big if that Mitchell will be able to stay healthy in 2015 but if he does and an NFL team checks out his knees and think they will hold up they may take a chance on him.  With Malcolm it all depends on health.

Jay Rome – 6'6 252

Projected Round – 5th Round
Projected 40 Time – 4.81

Rome is the prototypical NFL tight end.  He has great size, soft hands and a basketball background that helps him naturally shield defenders.  The questions with Rome are his dedication to be great and his speed.  If he somehow could run in the low high 4.6's or low 4.7's he could go a little higher.  He should have plenty of opportunities to show off in Coach Shotty's 2 TE sets.

Quayvon Hicks – 6'2 251

Projected Round – 6th Round
Projected 40 Time – 4.70

The fullback is a disappearing position in the NFL but Quayvon's cross-training at TE will and ability to play the H-Back position will help his draft stock.  His forty time will also surprise many and Quayvon will definitely pass the eyeball test.  He is a special talent at FB and some NFL team is going to bring him in.

Marshall Morgan – 6'3 194

Projected Round – 6th or 7th Round

Morgan has a great leg and also is very accurate.  However, the biggest question is how consistent he can be.  If he returns to his 2013 form he will be one of the best kickers in the country and will be selected in the late rounds.

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