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First, I want to thank all you who read and commented on my blog last week. UGA Football and Fashion are two of my foremost passions. So being able to combine them into one blog is a dream come true.

I know that this week's blog is a little late, so if you all really like the below suggestions hopefully you can receive them in time for Saturday's game. The dresses sell out very quickly on this website!  While you are on here take a quick look at her fashion blog if you are not a fan already.

This week I am bringing you a cute outfit that is ready for a South Carolina Victory. When those cocky Gamecocks walk into OUR Stadium we will be anything  BUT defeated. We will wear our Georgia pride and gorgeous dresses with class, dignity, and a smile that will welcome even the most arrogant of USCe fans . NOTHING CAN BEAT THE SPIRIT OF A BULLDOG!

These dresses from the  are perfect for any Saturday game!

Chevron is in, and it is fairly easy to find this trendy style in red, black, white… and sometimes the occasional silver.

I just ordered this dress in black and am crossing my fingers that I can get it in time for this weekend's game.

The great thing about these dresses is that the chevron pattern is small… and it shouldn't be too headache inducing (my husband hates this trend).  You can also change the belt that comes with this dress to a patent black/red belt or whatever best suites your own personal style.

I would opt for wearing a cute pair of sandals or campus friendly wedges like the ones I featured in last week's blog. As you see one of the models has paired this dress with cowboy boots… which shows the essence of Georgia girl style. However, if cowboy boots are not your style… especially in 90+ degree weather… I would opt for wearing a cute pair of sandals or campus friendly wedges like the ones I featured in last week's blog .

This dress can be paired with a statement necklace like this one from

 photo 0jpg_zps1be2ddb4.png

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I have always loved fashion because it's a great way to express your mood. And I'm definitely a Dress lover. "Check out this great new fashion store "
I'm going to be a fashion icon in a minute. I'm not going to do it in a corny manner. I have a voice that speaks for a whole other market - not just black people, but high fashion urban people. I mix street wear with high fashion. It's never been seen before. "Check out this great new fashion store "
That is something I definitely would wear not only to a Georgia game but also on a date. Very cute stuff and a very cute shop. Thanks for introducing me to Red Dress Boutique!
I have never been much of a Chevoron girl but the smaller pattern looks better and better each time I see it. Especially when it is in red and black. Unfortunately I don't get to go to games anymore living in Florida and having my little boy but I think it is still a great dress I can wear for a night out. I also love the red dress in the picture with the bow. So beautiful! Maybe my husband won't mind if I buy it and say I am saving it for when we take Dean to his first Bulldog game!Great suggestions!! Go Dawgs!!
***Chevron - hard to type on a touchscreen with screaming child in my ear...oh do I need some sleep...haha
LOL, Thank you! Chevron can definitely be a difficult pattern to wear... I prefer the smaller print b/c it does not overpower our entire outfit... and yes especially when it is in red and black!! I actually saw a girl at the Clemson game wearing the red dress w/the houndstooth bow and it looked really cute in person!!
That shop is so cute. I had never heard of Red Dress Boutique. Where do you find these places? lol! I do love the Chevron pattern!
I love this shop... but all of their clothing sells out so fast! I just have a knack for finding different, unique online boutiques... I probably spend too much time shopping online lol! I am glad you like this pick!

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