Fall Practice Defensive Depth Chart

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1)    There is an incredible lack of experienced depth at safety.  If either Quincy Mauger or Dominick Sanders were to go down things instantly get very thin.  The true freshmen Mississippi Boys, Abram and Wilson both will get a bunch of reps this fall and both need to be ready to play.

2)    Do the young defensive lineman have enough strength to hold up in the SEC?  Much like safety the starters are experienced, however there is a bunch of freshmen backups that will be relied upon.  UGA is going to need big things from Trent Thompson, Jonathan Ledbettter and Michael Barnett to be able to hold up in the physical SEC.


1)    At the linebacker positions whether inside or outside the Dawgs are loaded.  They have incredible talent and versatility and will be the biggest strength for this defense.

2)    The "1st Team" is as stout as anyone.  You could put the Bulldogs starters out there against any defense in the country and it would be difficult to find one more solid.

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