BIG PAPI at Sanford Stadium?

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Many UGA fans may or may not remember the name Chris Carter. No, I am not talking about the legendary NFL wide receiver, I am talking about Major Chris Carter of the United States Armed Forces. Major Carter is the UGA graduate who hung the University of Georgia flag in front of Saddam's palace after they had gained control. I am sure you remember the image below:  photo 0_zps317995b5.jpg

I remember from the story, Major Carter saying that he still has the flag and will always keep that flag. Well in the spirit of C'MonMan's blog about “Something SPECIAL for South Carolina” I think this that Major Carter could get the UGA fan base incredibly fired up and have Sanford Stadium rocking like never before. I think the University should invite Major Carter to come to the game and be part of the Pregame festivities. My thought is that after the National Anthem is played followed by the Battle Hymn, Major Carter should walk out to midfield and unfurl the flag that they held in front of Saddam's fallen palace and say, “This is our House!! Nobody comes to our house and leaves with a Victory. Bulldog Nation, it is time to Get After Their Ass!”. That place would be rocking and rolling like never before.

What do you think?

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As a die hard Yankee fan....I loved his speech....but that is it. I hope that S. Carolina team has a giant BoSox collapse like they did last year!! Go Dawgs!!! And Go Yanks! haha

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