Amazing that there is hardly any rumors about Gurley anymore.

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They were running rampant or a week or so. Gone for one game. Gone for two. Gone for the season. I guess the media moved on to something else.

Is it possible that Georgia was afraid the ncaa was only going to give Gurley a one or two game suspension and decided to make it four on their own and then request reinstatement? That would not surprise me in the least. To punish him theirselves even if they had no proof he took money but figured he probably did? What does everyone else think about that possibility?

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Yea four games would probably be stretching it but funny how the NCAA says Georgia is the one who has not asked for reinstatement.
I would be shocked if that was the case. I don't think UGA would be dumb enough to exceed what the NCAA recommends because it would eventually get out and there would be hell to pay. I still think it is a two game suspension and UGA will request reinstatement at the beginning of next week. Could be wrong...but just my feeling.

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