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We said Herschel Walker was Georgia Football - if anyone could be more synonymous with the Georgia Football it is Larry Munson.  Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Larry Munson followed a winding road from the plains, down through the Midwest eventually finding a permanent home in Athens, GA as the play-by-play announcer for the Georgia Bulldogs.  Forty-two terrific years later, Larry Munson retired and to this day is the voice of the Georgia Bulldogs and the voice of football in South. 

Nobody did it better than Munson.  The gravely voice and the full investment of his soul in every second of every call he ever made was truly special.  Whether their was "Sugar falling from the Sky" or his Dawgs "Stepped on their face with a Hobnailed Boot and broke their nose" Larry had a knack for delivering the perfect line at the perfect moment.  Sadly, Munson passed on November 11, 2011 and  a big piece of Saturday's Between the Hedges was forever lost with him but will never ever be forgotten.

Larry Munson = Damn Good Dawg!

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