Alpha Dawg - Herschel Walker

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Position:  Tailback
From:  Wrightsville, GA
High School:  Johnson County HS

Career Highlights:

994 Rush Attempts - #1 in SEC All-Time
5259 Rushing Yards - #1 in SEC All-Time
3 Time SEC Player of the Year
3 Time Consensus All-American
1982 Maxwell Award Winner
1982 Walter Camp Player of the Year
1982 Heisman Trophy Winner

The University of Georgia and Herschel Walker are synonymous.  The greatest athlete to ever wear the Silver Britches had a combination of size, speed and power never before seen and never seen since.  Routinely flattening defenders, just driving and running with those big thighs or running away from three men down the sidelines, Herschel is the most dominate college football player in the history of the game.  Whether it being carrying the ball 47 during the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, 385 times in a season or for 285 yards in a game Herschel never appeared tired, but why would he…"The ball ain't that heavy." 

Herschel's arrival in Athens in 1980 was the final piece of a masterful puzzle built by Coach Vince Dooley.  The Bulldogs were talented and experienced on both sides of the ball looking for that workhorse all championship teams need.  During the Bulldogs march to the Sugar Bowl v. Notre Dame, Herschel refused to lose willing the team to victory on multiple occasions.  Still, when Georgia arrived in New Orleans they weren't given a chance to defeat the bigger, stronger, deeper Irish.  A separated shoulder, 36 carries, 150 yards and 2 touchdowns later the Bulldogs were National Champions and Herschel Walker cemented his place in UGA lore.

Today, there is only one way to describe his place in  UGA lore - Herschel Walker is Georgia Bulldog Football.

Where Is He Now:

The better question may not be where is Herschel but where is he not.  After time in USFL, NFL, track and field, ballet, Olympic bobsledding, military training and MMA, now at the age of 53, Herschel is a leader in the community, champion for those with dissociative identity disorder, workout warrior and inspiration to millions.  Not bad for a guy from a little town called Wrightsville that nobody had ever heard of.

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