Aaron Murray's LAST Chance!

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Leading up to, during and after the game against Clemson UGA fans and Aaron Murray had to here over and over how Murray can't win the big game.  It was very difficult for me to listen to because I am a fan of Aaron, I think he does everything the right way and is everything good about college football.  But when you sit down and really look at the numbers it is clear that Murray has been awful against teams ranked in the Top 15 in his tenure at UGA.  While it certainly is not all his fault, some responsibility needs to be placed on his shoulders.  With that being said, this South Carolina game is Murray's last chance to leave a very positive legacy in Athens when he leaves.

We can all debate whether that is fair or unfair given his great statistical career but I believe that this is his last chance to win a truly “big game”.  The Gamecocks have owned UGA over the last few years and are ranked the #6 team in the country while UGA is already 0-1 having lost to the #4 team in the country in the first week of the season.  If the Bulldogs lose this game many will view the season as over as the goal of a National Championship and SEC Championship are more than likely out the window.  Also, an 0-2 start will have the Mark Richt “hot seat” talk going at full speed again.

When you throw on top of that the fact that the Gamecocks may have the most talented defensive line in the country the pressure is squarely on Murray's shoulders.  Over the last three years as starting QB no team has given Murray as much trouble in terms of pressure and confusing coverages than South Carolina.  It is his last chance to prove himself capable of winning the big game.  It is his last chance to leave behind a positive and lasting legacy in Athens of a player who won some big games.

Whether that is fair or not I will let you decide but that is the way I feel and I think a majority of the Bulldog Nation feels.


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You damn right this is his last chance! If we lose this game the rest of the season is essentially meaningless because South Carolina isn't going to lose 2 SEC games with their weak schedule.
Great article! I am a Murray guy as well but it was hard to support the way he played against Clemson. I know there was the high snap on the short field goal that changed the game but more importantly there was the fumble inside the 25 and the interception on a throw that if thrown higher and more to the outside would have been a touchdown for Lynch who had badly beaten his man. It was definitely a disappointing game. I will always root for Murray because I like him but this is a "must win" in ever sense of the word.

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