SEC Officiating and Penn Wagers are a PROBLEM!

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I watch a lot of college football.  I watch football games from multiple conferences including the PAC 12, BIG 12, BIG 10, ACC and SEC most often.  When I watch conferences other than the SEC there have been a fair amount of targeting calls.  When I see the targeting calls I would say 90% of the time they make sense and were targeting.  There actually is some consistency too on they types of hits that lead to targeting calls.  However, in the SEC it is terrible.  There is no consistency.  In the weeks since the Ray Drew and Ramik Wilson calls against Georgia that led to personal fouls I have seen those same plays happen 50+ more times and they have not led to an ejection any other time.  Then as we all know, the rule needs to be changed to where if the targeting call is overturned the penalty needs to be overturned as well.

While the lack of consistency with targeting calls in the SEC is troubling, what is even more troubling is the horrific calls being made on a weekly basis.  Since I am a UGA fan I am going to focus on Georgia's recent game against Auburn  First, the “leaping” call on Jonathan Taylor.  He came to a jump stop and jumped vertically to try to block the kick and the Auburn blocker submarined him.  When I watched the Florida v. South Carolina game I saw a SC player do the same thing Taylor did twice and there wasn't even a thought of throwing a flag.  That was an absolutely terrible call.  Then the even more egregious call was awarding Auburn possession of the football.  Apparently now having the ball pinned behind your hamstring with one hand is more possession then a player with two hands on the ball?  When you watch the replay it is clear as a bell that the Auburn player did not have possession.  Yet the ball was awarded to make matters worse Penn Wagers throws a personal foul penalty on Richt for unsportsmanlike conduct.

One thing is now clear, when Penn Wagers crew officiates a Georgia football game they are targeting the Bulldogs - and the SEC needs to fix both of their targeting problems!


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I've had the feeling for years that Wagers has had it out for Richt since Georgia stormed the field against Florida. His crew was officiating that game, and ever since, he has gone out of his way to make obviously poor calls against Georgia.
fred russo
fred russo
There is far to much crying over Wager. We loose because our coach does not know how to win in close situations period.
Well, we did beat LSU, South Carolina and Florida in close situations this year...I think that shows they know how to get it done...
...and Tennessee....oh and Auburn which we came back to take the lead and they needed an answered prayer to beat the Dawgs....but hey, whatever, who's counting? I mean, they lost one of those five. Makes sense to me.
That would be an even funnier picture if it was of Penn Wagers.
According to Google that is a picture of Penn Wagers from 2007. But as we know, Google is not always correct.
There is some irony in the wrong picture being up for the guy who always gets the call wrong.
Here is my last rant about the officiating. I have always been a Richt supporter, he is good for Georgia football and makes all of our players better young men. With that said, I do wish he would just go once go off to the media about how bad the officiating is this year. If he gets fined, big deal its not like he is hurting for money. I just wish he would stand up more for his players. For example the non-targeting call at the end of the game. When he addressed the media he should have been irrate and called out all the officials, Mike Slive and Steve Shaw. For tossing out two Georgia players on highly questionable calls but allowing a play like that to go uncalled. The Penn Wagers thing also, he should address the media and vent is frustrations about Wagers and how he unfairly makes calls against Georgia. Once the media gets involved something might happen, but until then Wagers and all the rest of the terrible SEC officials will just go about their time and effect the outcome of numerous SEC games.
I agree with you about Wagers, the flag on Richt was pretty bad, yea maybe Richt said something, but Wagers baited him on that when he started going back at Richt. Also, watch the "miracle play" again, I know it's really painful, but the LT tackle is clearing holding Ray Drew right in front of Wagers. Lastly, how about the targeting call missed when Dee Ford clearly hit Murray helmet to helmet on the last play of the game.
Wagers did bait him when he stormed back over toward Richt and got in Richt's face. An official should never do that. With regards to the miracle play it was a 100% clear and obvious hold on Ray Drew that MUST be called and yes, Dee Ford's hit should have been targetting. That hit was the definition of the targetting rule...yet it wasn't called which again goes to the terrible inconsistency with calling "targetting"

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